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Sales Promotion

Between saying something and achieving your goal you need a great idea!
Sales Promotion is the way to success.
Promotion is an art made of several actions and expertise that allow you to reach your targets through channels that can be either predetermined or made ad-hoc.
With Ottima idea!, the how, where, and when become great opportunities for success.
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Guests for an occasion, customers for life.
Events are the core of modern communication; they are the meeting point between the company and its target.
They are a valuable opportunity for marketing to work its magic, and create something extraordinary.
No details are left out: we pay attention to everything in order to provide power, consistency, and emotions.
The philosophy of Ottima idea! is that the event is successful when each and every guest finds themselves astonished.
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There is always a connection between success and a great idea!
The digital world is a great opportunity to stand out and do marketing. Ottima idea! works to turn each click into a lead for the company’s profile; we use innovative lead generation tools, create websites, brand design-both ATL and BTL-and banners. In short, everything on the web works for generating leads to more sales and success.
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Displays & Pop

Your goals are always in the spotlight.
Being noticed is relatively easy, but doing it according to a brand philosophy is a completely different story.
In order to make the most of the exposure in a shop, we need creativity, design, and technological expertise to work together to create displays and pops that show both heart and mind and are effective sales tools, always unique.
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Corporate Gifts

Gifts are pure marketing. Think about it.
A gift must be the most effective business card, and it has to delight the recipient while promoting the corporate identity.
Ottima idea! does not set limits to creativity and put great efforts in order to create unique solutions that work for you.
Receiving a gift feels always rewarding and it is an effective way of communication.
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Gadgets 2.0

When the object does the talking.
We provide a huge and always-expanding selection of novelties - over 45,000 items of any kind. Whether you prefer something simple or more sophisticated, every object is exciting, unusual, and customizable, in order to give shape to your communication need.
If you'd like to browse our selection, just ask us for a presentation.
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